Product photography course for beginners

City: Bengaluru
Address: Koramangala
9.0 hours
Offer Price: INR 2999

Are you eager to master the art of capturing stunning product photos? Join us for an immersive and hands-on "Beginner's Guide to Product Photography" workshop. Whether you're an aspiring photographer or a small business owner aiming to enhance your product imagery, this workshop is tailored just for you.

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that involves photographing products for commercial use. The product could be an item, a food, or a prepared dish.

You must also provide clear, eye-catching photos of your products to reach your target audience members who prefer to buy online.

It is also a type of commercial photography that aims to present a product in the best photographic representation possible. Proper lighting, background materials, sharp camera focus with proper depth of field, advantageous camera angles, and careful editing are all tools used in great product photography.

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Basics of Photography, Starting off with Manual Mode, Exposure Triangle, Different Camera modes, How to use Focus points, Framing & Composition rules, Types of Metering - composition and lighting techniques, Types of Lenses, Art of Travel Photography
  • Rule of Thirds, Depth Of Field, Types of Lighting & Camera, Raw Format, Tips, Tricks & Hacks, Telling a story with your photography, Kit required for different specialization like wedding photography, wildlife photography, etc.
  • Photo Editing Fundamentals, Photoshop Retouching.
  • Building online presence (Instagram profile, website) and how to build a career in photography
  • Street / Field Photography to implement the basics learned with on the spot review & questions with Abhiram (panellist)

Who Should Attend:

  • Photography enthusiasts who want to venture into the world of product photography.
  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and online sellers seeking to elevate their product imagery.
  • Beginners looking for a comprehensive foundation in the art of product photography.

Registration Details:

Location: Koramangala

Secure your spot for this enriching workshop:

  • Early Bird (until August 15): [Rs 2999]
  • Regular Admission: [Rs 5999]

Limited spots available, so register early to ensure your participation. Registration includes workshop materials, hands-on activities, and light refreshments.

Connect and Capture:

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with fellow photography enthusiasts and creative minds. Build relationships, exchange ideas, and share your passion for photography.

For registration and inquiries, contact +917019426318.

Mark your calendar, and embark on a journey to mastering product photography. Unleash your creativity and capture captivating product images like never before!


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