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KnowDSLR is a community for photographers and all those who are interested in the art of photography. There is no dearth of users with DSLR cameras. People, in general, are fascinated by photography and the ability to click good photographs. The emergence of social media like Facebook, Instagram has further fuelled the desire for people to click better pictures. Or for people to cover their travel journeys, life events, cherished moments, and more.  Resulting in people buying DSLR or advanced photography cameras. But then they give up and after few attempts, those DSLR camera becomes a show-piece. 

In spite lot of online materials, photography can best be learned in presence of a teacher. And this is what knowdslr.com as a community wants to achieve. Create a seamless community for photography artists to come and share their knowledge and experience with DSLR / camera owners who want to learn. 

Over the years, knowdslr has conducted many photography workshops in Bangalore. With 100s of happy students who were able to understand the basics of DSLR photography and more. While Covid derailed our efforts momentarily, we will soon be extending our community across the globe, get artists & photographers to collaborate and come together and help others learn the art of DSLR photography through offline DSLR workshops, cohort online photography courses, a basic understanding of how to edit photographs and more. So tune in, and subscribe to our newsletters, social media channels to learn more about photography, upcoming workshops, photo editing hacks, inspirational pictures from across the world, and the latest innovation happening in photography tech. 

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