1 Day DSLR Photography Workshop Bangalore (Oct 23)

City: Bangalore
Address: koramangala, Bangalore
6.0 hours
Offer Price: USD 45
All the seats for this event are full Know More

Knowdslr.com presents 9th edition - masterclass in photography & photo-editing. This workshop will include classroom training, practicals, photoediting & marketing. By the end of this workshop you would have learnt more about your DSLR, more than the basics of photography and have some expert advice on photography as a career and which photography field to choose.

Workshop will be conducted by Mentor / Trainer Rahul (http://www.rahulography.com/) & Abhiram C (5+ yrs of photography experience) - https://www.instagram.com/c.abhiram/

Location - Koramangala

Date: 27th February (Sunday) 2022

Price - 3000/person

After completing the Travel Photography course, students will be able to

- Demonstrate skill in shooting moving objects, landscapes, nature, portraits, architecture and documentary.

- Master the gear needed to take amazing photographs in a variety of scenarios.

- Explain what gear and equipment he or she needs to pack for any trip.

- Apply key travel photography techniques to document travels like a professional.

- Review fundamentals like composition, lighting and exposure.

- Basic photo editing using APPs like Snapseed

- Discuss marketing aspects and how to sell his or her work to cover the expenses of the next travel job.

- Develop a portfolio that captures the uniqueness of his or her work

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  • 6+ hr session
  • Tea / Coffee + Lunch
  • Opportunity to intern with Trippyigloo
  • Workshop certificate
  • Top 3 photographs will be shared across our social media pages


  • Camera (you have to get your own DSLR camera, but if you want we can provide one to you for Rs 1000 per DSLR camera)
  • Transportation to venue 


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