Snapseed Photo Editing Using Mobile - Online | February 2022

Type: Online
50.0 minutes
Offer Price: INR 299
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If you are looking to create beautiful content only using your phone to help build a unique social media presence for yourself or a brand then this workshop is for you.


Online Photography Editing Tutorial:

  1. How to create content for yourself.
  2. How to Edit your content on your phone itself.
  3. Create your presets for one-click edits for the future.
  4. No need to buy presets anymore!
  5. Design beautiful stories right on your phone.
  6. Curate and Plan your content ahead of time.
  7. Finding Inspiration and staying consistent

Reasons To Attend:

Real Examples - You can download copies of all the images in the course and follow along with me as we make some magic together! 

Real-World Creativity - This is not just a Snapseed tutorial. It is so much more than that. The principles you learn here are the same creative processing principles you can apply to all your photo processing!

Bang For The Buck - The techniques you learn here can be applied to Snapseed for the desktop, iPad, iPhone, & Droid!

Self-Paced - Take your time, you will have lifetime access to the course and its content.

Learn smart use of Snapseed with my special photo editing tutorials and get the most out of your iPhone or Andriod.


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