Photography Workshop: Exploring the Artistic and Scientific Aspects (Intensive Classroom Workshop)

City: Bangalore
Address: Bangalore
8.0 hours
Offer Price: INR 3500

Photography possesses an immense capacity for self-expression, yet it necessitates a solid command over your camera and the essential principles. This proficiency enables you to effortlessly assess a scene and instinctively determine the optimal course of action, much like swiftly maneuvering through a gap in traffic before a single word of surprise can be uttered.

If you desire crystal-clear comprehension of photography concepts and wish to bridge the divide between your vision and the final result, then seize the opportunity to participate in this Workshop. Allow us to equip you with the skills of a skilled marksman, but in the realm of artistry

Why you need this photography workshop?

Does this describe who you are?

  • I only use the auto or manual modes when I shoot. The best is manual, and auto is simple. Right?
  • I have no idea why all of my photos are hazy when I open them on the computer. I'd like to go into photography!
  • Describe ISO. And in low light, what ISO should I use?

Our Photography workshop is just what you need if so if you want to learn everything about the basics of photography.


What does this photography workshop offer?

Both art and science are a part of photography. This Workshop explores both because of this. It covers the fundamentals, more complex topics, and finer points. In conclusion, it will make your body and mind extensions of the camera and photographic principles.

Therefore, issues with exposure, focussing, and metering won't get in the way of you capturing a special moment. Or create a lasting image from your brilliant imagination.


Post photography workshop you learn?

  • Select the right equipment for your type of photography.
  • In any circumstance, use appropriate settings.
  • Take crisp images in almost any lighting.
  • Create graphics that are both technically and artistically sound.
  • Utilise various methods to get surprising and eye-catching outcomes.
  • Rock the camera!


Topics covered in Photography workshop

  • Basics of Photography, Starting off with Manual Mode, Exposure Triangle, Different Camera modes, How to use Focus points, Framing & Composition rules, Types of Metering - composition and lighting techniques, Types of Lenses, Art of Travel Photography
  • Lunch and general discussion
  • Rule of Thirds, Depth Of Field, Types of Lighting & Camera, Raw Format, Tips, Tricks & Hacks, Telling a story with your photography, Kit required for different specialization like wedding photography, wildlife photography, etc.
  • Photo Editing Fundamentals, Photoshop Retouching.
  • Building online presence (Instagram profile, website) and how to build a career in photography
  • Street / Field Photography to implement the basics learned with on the spot review & questions with Abhiram (panellist)

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