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Photography Workshop in BR Hills - February 2020

Starting from INR 8000 presents a masterclass in photography & photo-editing. This workshop will include classroom training and practicals. List of topics are split across 5 modules: Basics Equipment, Composition, Editing, Art & Pro-tips.
  • Duration
    2 days
  • Group Size
  • Difficulty
Photography Workshop in BR Hills - February 2020

Advanced Photography Modules:

  1. Basics: Camera Type, Depth of Field, Crop Factor, Histogram, Camera Lens, Exposure Stops etc.
  2. Equipment: Aperture/Shutter, ISO, Exposure Triangle, Back Button, White Balance, Metering, Manual Modes, F-Stops etc.
  3. Composition: Rule of Third, Rule of Odd, Contrast, Rhythm, Balance, Symmetry, Focal Length, Perspective etc.
  4. Editing: Library Module, E2E workflow, HSL Panel, Brushes, Graduated Filters, Split Toning etc.  
  5. Art: Visual Mass, Choice of Frame, Design Elements, Subtracting Method, Subject Vs. Background etc. 
  6. Pro Tips: Bokeh Photography, Low Light Photography, Street Photography, Exposure Bracketing, Flash Photography etc.  
In all more than 50+ photography topics. By the end of this workshop you would have mastered your DSLR and with some expert advice on photography as a career to help you chose which photography genre (travel, wedding, fashion, wildlife etc.) suits you.

Detailed Profile of the Panel

  • Rahul Ranjan ( - Rahul has close to 15+ yrs of travel photography expertise and has traveled the globe (3 continents, 9 countries). He regularly conducts photography workshop in and around Bangalore.
  • Abhiram ( - Although young, but a wildlife photography expert with detailed knowledge of Bangalore wildlife and surroundings.
 Location: BR Hills
 Date: 22nd - 23rd Feb 2020 
 Price: 8000/person

After completing the Photography course, students will be able to Demonstrate skill in shooting landscapes, nature, portraits, architecture and documentary. Master the gear needed to take amazing photographs in a variety of scenarios. Explain what gear and equipment he or she needs to pack for any trip. Apply key travel photography techniques to document travels like a professional. Review fundamentals like composition, lighting and exposure. Describe the digital workflow and post production processes of archiving, importing, editing, curating and outputting your work. Discuss marketing aspects and how to sell his or her work to cover the expenses of the next travel job. 

Develop a portfolio that captures the uniqueness of his or her work. Please check reviews of our previous Workshops on the below link

The Events inclusions and exclusions at a glance
Whats included in this Event Items that are covered in the cost of Event price.
  • Advanced Photography Sessios
  • All Food (Lunch, Evening Snacks / Tea, Dinner, Breakfast)
  • Accommodation
  • Jeep Safari
  • Transportation from Bangalore (Jayanagar)
Whats not included in this Event Items that are covered in the cost of Event price.
  • Participants have to get their own DSLR camera
    • On request, we can arrange for DSLR on rent at cost of Rs 1k for 1 day
  • Everything else not mentioned in the Inclusions
  1. Day 1: Start from Bangalore (Jayanagar)

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    • Assemble by 6.30 AM at Jayanagar Cool-Joint junction
    • 6.45 AM we will start for BR Hills
    • 8 AM stop for breakfast
    • Short introduction on the way, including covering of basics of DSLR photography for beginners
    • Reach BR Hills by 12 Noon, check-in into respective rooms
    • 12.30-1: Quick Lunch
    • 1-5 PM: Session on 
      • Equipement
      • Composition
    •  5-5.30 PM: Teak Break
    • 5.30 - 7.30 PM: Detailed Editing Session (on your respective laptops)
    • 7.30-9 PM: Break and Dinner
    • 9-10 PM: Review of photographs, generic photography discussion with mentors etc.
    • 10.30 PM: Sleep and rest for the day

  2. Day 2: Jeep Safari & Return to Bangalore

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    • 6AM - 8.30 AM: Jeep Safari & Wildlife / Nature Photography
    • 8.30 - 10 AM: Freshen up and have breakfast
    • 10 - 12 Noon: 
      • Pro Tips Module
      • Concepts from Art Module
      • Review of Photographs
      • Clarification of doubts
      • Wrap-up
    • 12 - 1 PM: Pack bags, quick lunch and checkout
    • 6.30 - 7 PM: Drop back to Jayanagar, Bangalore


  • Room on a double-occupancy sharing basis
    • Nestled inside deep jungle (surrounded within 2-3 acres of forest), our accommodation is a great way to experience the nature

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